Carnival Tips & Reminders For The Season


Carnival is around the corner, and many are well underway with their preparations for the season. We've decided to share some tips and suggestions for both first timers and veterans -- These are important things to always do or keep in mind the next time you're gearing up to spend the day wearing a stunning costume in the sun or attend an event!


Your Costume Is An Investment

Always remember your costume is expensive and is part of something you committed to. Ensure everything you paid for, including your bodywear, leg, and arm pieces is included in your box or bag during costume pick-up to avoid the back and forth. If you feel the need to express any concerns regarding quality, provide kind, yet constructive criticism to your section leader(s)


Be Kind To Your Section Leader(s) 

We cannot stress this enough -- Be kind to everyone, including the individual(s) responsible for your Carnival costume. Now we get it, things can go wrong with it at any given time, and it can be frustrating. However, please always understand that they are responsible for hundreds of pieces and thousands of "perfectly" placed feathers.

These men and women spend plenty of time away from their families, and work to perfect these pieces nearly every single day leading up to Carnival day. If things don't go your way, try not to argue but always remain firm since this is something you invested in. And if your costume pickup goes smoothly, give them their props, it makes them feel 10x better knowing they did something well!


Brush Up On Your Soca

Again, another thing we cannot stress enough. SOCA, SOCA, SOCA. No Dancehall, NO Hip Hop... SOCA. You do not want to be that person on the road or in a fete asking everyone what the name of the next 12 songs are.

New Soca songs are released on a consistent basis, and from various artistes. Listen to some well rounded Soca playlists to not only keep you up-to-date but also keep that waist slack! Here are some suggested playlists we've been loving: 

Caribana Prep 2022


Soca 2022: Latest Hits

Massive Soca Hits


Wear A Fanny Pack

 Whether you call them fanny packs or belt bags, this accessory is a must for your next Carnival or event. They're comfortable to wear and hold everything you need and more. Now, don't let the Carnival influencers fool you with the social media posts of them wearing just their costume and a road cup. You need your ID, keys, money, and other personal essentials to get you through the day. We once saw a masquerader put theirs right back on once their photoshoot was over. PUT ON YUH FANNY PACK! 

Our Colour Expert Fanny Packs are available for purchase:


Wear a Comfortable Hairstyle

You always hear (or read) tips suggesting comfortable footwear, but hardly anyone ever discusses hair. A comfortable, less bothersome hairstyle is the way to go, whether when you're planning to attend a fete or play mas. Our favourites are ponytails, Dutch braids, buns, natural leave-outs. and cornrows. 


Be on Time

Please, PLEASE do not arrive to Carnival late. We don't care if your cousins said they were just fine arriving to play mas at 2:00 in the afternoon, you will most definitely get left behind in most cases. You will have a very hard time finding your band and section, and may even miss the stage! Stick to the time your band tells you to arrive, there are plenty of things you'll miss out on, including an all-inclusive experience if they offer one. 


Need some additional tips or advice right away? Send us a message on one of our social media pages. We're more than willing to help out family! 

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