Miami Carnival - Carnival's Biggest Return Since 2020



Miami Carnival is fast approaching, and its one of the first few Carnivals held in North America that have actually gotten the green light to be held for 2021. 

With many people gearing up for what may be one of the biggest Carnivals being held in 2021, plenty of protocols are being put in place, from fences to "No mask, No Mas" regulations.

Now we must all agree, behind the scenes have been very rocky. Fetes and other events have been postponed to later dates because of pandemic restrictions; every day there seems to be a new rule implemented for masqueraders. And many organizers have been advocating for masqueraders to "stick to the essence of Carnival", also known as, stay your tail home until parade day. 

Nevertheless, while preparing for Miami Carnival, always remain mindful of others and yourself. Remember to carry your sanitizers, wipes, and stick to your circle! Don't forget to get a COVID test done a few days prior to Carnival day to ensure you and your crew are safe!

How have you been feeling about Miami Carnival? Are you excited for one of Carnivals biggest returns since the pandemic kept us all at home? Leave us a comment, and don't forget to use the code MIAMI at checkout for 20% off your order!



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