Ten Legendary Soca Songs

When we chose this list of ten legendary soca songs, we realized that we had to follow a list of criteria, such as its impact and timelessness. We also had to ask how old does a song have to be to really be considered "legendary" seeing that we have moved into an era where technology allows music to be distributed faster.

This is in no way a top ten list, or a "greatest hits of all time" this is just a list of ten songs that we feel are legendary, in no ranking order. All of the songs we chose are no younger than six years old as of 2020. The songs chosen are those that are believed that can still hype up a crowd or make people feel the way they did when they first heard it in a fete or on the road playing mas, or bring a nostalgic feel. So, let's get into it -- Ten legendary soca songs!

  1. Blaxx - Leh Go (2013)



Nearly eight years later and this song still holds power in its lyrics and melody that resonates with everyone, whether in a fete or on the road. If anyone ever needs to know what the anticipation of waiting for the Carnival season to arrive feels like, this is the song. The rhythm and melody is so freeing and timeless that to this day we still get goosebumps -- if you know you know! Uncle Blaxx definitely gave us a gem.

  1. Bunji Garlin - Differentology (2013)



Need we say any more? This production on this song is timeless and seems effortless! It raises moods and puts a vibe in the atmosphere that is not easily achieved.

  1. Jamesy P - Nookie (2004)



We all have that one song we couldn't get out of our heads from our younger days, but this Jamesy P song deserves to be listed as legendary. Its sound is not only sweet, but it gives off nostalgic energy and evokes something special in the way your waistline moves. This was also a song we should not have had any business singing during primary school

  1. Square One - Iron Bazodee (1999/2000)



It's Allison Hinds singing lead... Need we say any more? Her voice alone is legendary, they don't call this woman the Queen of Soca for no reason. Iron Bazodee is timeless for the simplest fact that iron and J'ouvert are two things that will never die. The iron and bassline are prominent in this song and gives it a nostalgic feeling, taking you back to where you were when you first heard it. Real soca lovers free up themselves every time.

  1. Krosfyah - Pump Me Up (1994)



Let's face it, it is not a family gathering, wedding reception, baby shower, or birthday party without this song. This song is not only legendary but it is a staple in West Indian families. Nostalgia at its finest.

  1. Destra Ft Machel Montano - Carnival (2003)



Enough said. The song speaks for itself!

  1. Xtatik ft. Wayne Rodriguez - Footsteps (1998)



This song is a classic that takes you back to the days before Machel Montano became the Monk!

  1. Superblue - Jab Molassie (1994)


This song can still easily mash up a J'ouvert, unapologetically in all of its 90s glory. Superblue has some of the most iconic songs in the Soca World. Even Machel himself was influenced by this song.

  1. Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano - Band Of D Year (B.O.D.Y) (2006)



If you play mas, you know that this song place during some time during the duration of the day. Every Carnival band wants the privilege of being titled 'band of the year', just as much as the masqueraders would like to boast about being in the number one band for that year.

As old as this song is, it still gets masqueraders and spectators hype! It still holds that power, and it has a special essence to it that makes that moment on the road euphoric. Don't believe me? Pay attention to the next time the DJ mixes this into his or her set on Carnival day -- magic every time.

  1. Machel Montano - E.P.I.C (2013)



Now, this choice may be controversial depending on what your definition of legendary may be. In the era of Soca's transition into a more "modernized" sound, E.P.I.C was one of those songs that had a sound that was able to carry and present this "sound" before its time. It is timeless because of the simplicity of its production. From its release in 2013 to 2020 this song still holds its pore raising abilities. It brings back forgotten memories, euphoria, and resonates with pretty much anyone who has inserted themselves into the Soca and Carnival scene.

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